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Tembo Tembo - Tanzania

Tembo Tembo - Tanzania

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Origin: Tanzania, Karatu

Producer: Leon & Aideen Christianakis

Farm: Tembo Tembo Estate

Process: Honey

Variety: Gesha

Notes: Jasmine Green Apple, Peach

Cupping Score: 91

Recommended brew method: Filter

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Our Pearls collection showcase extraordinary coffees. From rare varieties to unique processing methods, these coffee have something special to make them standout with an average cupping score above 90 points. Just like a pearl from the ocean, these coffee beans are delicate and beautiful beyond words.

This lot of Gesha was produced by Leon and Aideen Christianakis at their Tembo Tembo Estate in Karatu, Tanzania. Leon's grandparents immigrated from Greece to Tanzania in the early 1900s and worked in coffee production. As a third-generation farmer, Leon saw the changes in the industry - the drop of prices in commodity coffee, the rise of popularity in specialty coffee, and the environmental changes impacting the local area. He realized the necessity in growing specialty coffee while focusing on sustainability, if he wanted to continue in his profession and passion.

Leon and his wife Aideen have been steadily growing their operation, growing more varieties from tree saplings in their nursery, and excelling in various processing methods, all while generating jobs for the local community and preserving the wildlife. "Tembo" means "an elephant" in Swahili. Their farm, Tembo Tembo Estate took its name from their neighbors, the elephants in the Ngorongoro Conservation Area which borders the farm. While Leon and Aideen adore seeing the beauty of wildlife up close, they faced many challenges figuring out a way to protect their coffee plantation from animals picking their delicious coffee cherries.

Gesha is renowned for its floral and pleasantly complex flavor profiles. You can expect notes of jasmine tea, refreshing acidity of green apple and mouthwatering sweetness of a peach.