About Us

Co-founders: Kaho & Mitchell

We are Sango, a micro-roastery based in Amsterdam.

We believe in the importance of ethical sourcing, sharing the story of our producers, and highlighting their work through the craft of roasting.

Our Philosophy

As roasters, we place great importance on traceability, fair and direct trade, and sustainability. We strive to source exceptional coffees by communicating with producers directly, or with the help of green coffee importers who share our philosophy.

We respect the dedication the producers have put in to grow, harvest, and to process coffee cherries. It is up to us roasters to bring out the natural flavors out of the beans. To achieve the best results, we roast on an IMF roaster and keep a light to medium roast profile.

Our coffee selection changes frequently. Coffee is a seasonal fruit and there are various origins, varieties, and processes to discover. We love to explore the wide variety of coffees producers around the world have to offer, and to share the wonders of specialty coffee with you.


We choose to work with farmers that realizes the importance of sustainable agricultural practices.

Climate change is a serious issue - if we don’t change our ways we will lose a lot, including coffee. We need to actively make an effort to protect the planet, coffee plantations and therefore the livelihoods of the farmers.

While we cannot directly help at the plantations, we strive to encourage everyone to be more conscious of the way they live through creating dialogues at our store. We believe there are many good habits we can build, especially as coffee drinkers.

Our Store

We converted a historical building from 1670 with a traditional Amsterdam-style clock gable into a cozy store. Here, you can explore our range of coffee beans and brewing equipment to use at home. As official dealers of brands such as ECM, Acaia, and ORIGAMI, we are here to help you select the best coffee brewing set up for you. You can also attend one of our workshops here to learn more about coffee.


We chose the name 'sango', which means corals in Japanese. We are inspired by how sustainable practices have always been embodied in the traditional Japanese culture - one which we are proud to belong. As individuals, as business owners, and as parents, we are challenged to make ecoconscious decisions every day.

We hope to inspire many of you through Sango, and hope that you will join us on our journey.