The Mori Initiative

"Mori" means forests in Japanese, a suitable name for this initiative as we focus on the importance of forest restoration and preservation.

The Mori Initiative represents our commitment to tackle climate change beyond what we do at our store. As a part of this initiative, we will be making a monthly contribution to Trees for All, a Dutch not-for-profit foundation we have chosen based on their vast local and international projects, and the transparency in their work.​

Planting trees is not a fix-all solution to climate change. As individuals and as a business we still need to do our part, such as reducing carbon emission by adopting low carbon practices in our daily lives. However, we believe in the power of trees and forests. They are critical in ​preserving biodiversity and the local ecosystem. A healthy forest benefits people and the local community as well, such as those involved in coffee production. This is why we have decided to donate 1 tree for every 6 bags of coffee sold.

We would like to thank all our customers - it is only with your continued support that we are able to run this project. Thank you!

Number of trees planted since August 2021: 357 (updated 1 April 2024)

Trees for All is certified by The Netherlands Fundraising Regulator (CBF), which ensures our donations are used on their traceable projects. Find our more about the foundation and their projects here.