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La Berenjena - Peru

La Berenjena - Peru

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Origin: Cajamarca, Peru

Farm: Finca La Berenjena

Producer: Nicanor Zurita Moreto

Altitude: 1,950 m

Variety: Caturra

Process: Natural

Notes: Cherry, White Chocolate, Nectarine

Cupping Score: 87.5

Recommended brew method: Filter

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Finca La Berenjena is located in Cajamarca, in the northern highlands of Peru. The mountains and the valleys in the area creates a unique microclimate in the area, creating fertile soil rich in minerals that contributes to the distinctive flavor profiles of the coffees grown in this area. Finca La Berenjena distinguishes themselves from other family-owned farms as they are truly committed to innovation in sustainable agricultural practices. This natural process coffee was fermented for 28 hours in sealed barrels in a temperature controlled room, then dried for a month under shade on pallets made with guayaquil (Chime Tree) wood. The result is a cup with a balanced acidity and sweetness, much like cherries, white chocolate, and juicy like nectarines.