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Chemillen - Peru

Chemillen - Peru

Released: April 2022

Origin: Oxapampa, Peru

Farm: Alta Montaña

Producer: Elias & Litman Inga

Altitude: 1,800 m

Variety: Bourbon, Catuai, Caturra

Process: Natural

Notes: Rum, Raisin, Milk Chocolate

Cupping Score: 88

Recommended brew method: Filter

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Elias Inga and his son Litman runs their farm Alta Montaña, located in the Oxapampa-Ashaninka-Yanesha Biosphere Reserve in Pasco, central Peru. The two named this lot of coffee “La Locura”, meaning ‘something crazy’ since it was so good that everyone “went mad” when they first tasted it. You can expect notes of rum, raisin, and milk chocolate from this extraordinary coffee.