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Geureudong - Indonesia

Geureudong - Indonesia

Released: March 2023

Origin: Sumatra, Indonesia

Farm: Central Sumatera Coffee

Producer: Enzo Sauqi

Altitude: 1,400 m

Variety: Abyssinia, Bourbon, Ateng

Process: Natural

Notes: Blackcurrant, Caramel, Ceylon Tea

Cupping Score: 86.5

Recommended brew method: Espresso

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Enzo Sauqi runs Central Sumatera Coffee (CSC), a family-owned coffee producer and processor in the vast island of Sumatra, Indonesia. From growing the plants to processing the beans, CSC ensures full traceability and quality control. CSC has a single farm estate in three different regions across Sumatra - this particular coffee is from their farm located in Aceh, the northernmost region of Sumatra island. Indonesia is a volcanically active country and combined with its tropical climate, the land provides a rich environment to grow quality coffee beans. This specific lot of coffee is processed and dried as traditional natural, creating a unique combination of pleasant acidity of blackcurrants, sweetness of caramel, and citrusy like Ceylon tea.