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El Paraiso - Colombia

El Paraiso - Colombia

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Origin: Colombia, Cauca

Producer: Diego Samuel Bermudez

Farm: Finca El Paraiso

Process: Anaerobic Thermal Shock

Variety: Gesha

Notes: Cotton Candy, Peach, Guava

Cupping Score: 92

Recommended brew method: Filter

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Our Pearls collection showcase extraordinary coffees. From rare varieties to unique processing methods, these coffee have something special to make them standout with an average cupping score above 90 points. Just like a pearl from the ocean, these coffee beans are delicate and beautiful beyond words.

Diego Samuel Bermudez is a renowned coffee producer in Colombia, known for his innovative coffee processing methods. The Bermudez family have worked together, perfecting their craft over the years to create coffees with intriguing flavor profiles. This is achieved through their knowledge in science, and their curiosity and courage to experiment with processing methods. Diego and his family conducts an organic compound analysis on the coffee cherry contents. Through this analysis, they can manipulate the microorganisms present on the coffee cherries during the fermentation process and create their desired flavor profiles.

They create a meticulous processing recipes for each cultivar - this lot of Gesha has gone through a unique process of double fermentation (the first anaerobic, and the second aerobic) and thermal shock washing process. The cherries are washed with filtered water to remove all microorganisms present on the skin. After that, their own recipe of microorganisms (all present in the local biome) are introduced into the fermentation process.

The Gesha variety is often characterised by a delicate, citric and aromatic profile. Through Diego's innovative processing method, this lot of Gesha also has incredibly sweet flavors of cotton candy, juicy peach and tropical notes of guava.