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El Diamante - Colombia

El Diamante - Colombia

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Origin: Huila, Colombia

Farm: El Diamante Estate, Café1959

Producer: Jose Giraldo

Altitude: 1,950 m

Variety: Pink Bourbon

Process: Anaerobic Washed

Notes: Lemon, Papaya, Toffee

Cupping Score: 89.5

Recommended brew method: Filter

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Café1959 is a coffee company led by a third-generation coffee producer, Jose Giraldo, in Huila, Colombia. With his unique background in food engineering, Jose uses innovative methods in coffee production. Café1959 believes in shared passion, and in the power of co-creating - to help each other in every step to create an extraordinary cup. Through their partnership with Finca El Diamante, they produced this coffee lot named Rosado Dulce, a beautifully sweet and clean cup of Pink Bourbon. The variety Pink Bourbon takes its name from its beautiful pink color when the coffee cherry is at its ripest stage. This coffee was processed under a total of 96 hrs of anaerobic fermentation, two washing stages, and a long, slow drying process of 40 days under shade. The result is a cup with refreshing hints of acidity like lemon, with sweet juiciness of papaya and rich sweetness of toffee.